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East Asian Policy (EAP)


About the Journal
East Asian Policy (EAP) is an international journal published by the East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore in January, April, July and October on a quarterly basis. It examines and evaluates recent political, economic, societal, legal, cultural and foreign-policy trends in East Asia, particularly contemporary China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Articles covered are of significant relevance to the academia, policy makers and decision makers in the corporate world. With EAP, the Institute aims to provide them with the latest updates on developments in East Asia as well as offer them a useful platform for the global debate on the rise of East Asia.


Current Issue
Volume 7, Number 2, Apr/Jun 2015.  More

Previous Issue
Volume 1, Number 1, Jan/Mar 2009 through current issue.  More

Editorial Board
Find out more about EAP's Editorial Board.  More

Submission of Papers
Find out how you can contribute to EAP. More


Message from the Editors
A message from the Editors. More


Journal information for subscribers. More


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